Migration Safari to Tanzania 2013

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001-Day One - 5J8E0797 003-Africa 005-Africa-Tanzania1 006-Arusha to Olivers Camp-1
001-Day One - 5J8E0797.jpg 003-Africa.jpg 005-Africa-Tanzania1.jpg 006-Arusha to Olivers Camp-1.jpg
007-Safari Photographer - G11-2919 008-Toyota Land Cruiser-G11-2920 009-White-headed Buffalo-Weaver-5J8E6424 010-Rufous Chatterer-5J8E6438
007-Safari Photographer - G11-2919.jpg 008-Toyota Land Cruiser-G11-2920.jpg 009-White-headed Buffalo-Weaver-5J8E6424.jpg 010-Rufous Chatterer-5J8E6438.jpg
011-Land Cruiser View -G11-2923 012-Crested Barbet-5J8E6456 013-Cruiser View -G11-2926 014-Woodland Kingfisher-5J8E6474
011-Land Cruiser View -G11-2923.jpg 012-Crested Barbet-5J8E6456.jpg 013-Cruiser View -G11-2926.jpg 014-Woodland Kingfisher-5J8E6474.jpg
015-immature African Hawk-Eagle-5J8E6504 016-P-5J8E6560 017-Zebra Herd -5J8E6568 018-Immature African Hawk-Eagle-5J8E6524
015-immature African Hawk-Eagle-5J8E6504.jpg 016-P-5J8E6560.jpg 017-Zebra Herd -5J8E6568.jpg 018-Immature African Hawk-Eagle-5J8E6524.jpg
019-Waterbuck-5J8E6563 020-Bee-eater-5J8E6574 021-Long-tailed Fiscal-5J8E6596 022-African Elephant-5J8E6625
019-Waterbuck-5J8E6563.jpg 020-Bee-eater-5J8E6574.jpg 021-Long-tailed Fiscal-5J8E6596.jpg 022-African Elephant-5J8E6625.jpg
023-Bee-eater-5J8E6618 024-African Elephants-5J8E6627 025-African Elephant-5J8E6633 026-African Fish Eagle-5J8E6691
023-Bee-eater-5J8E6618.jpg 024-African Elephants-5J8E6627.jpg 025-African Elephant-5J8E6633.jpg 026-African Fish Eagle-5J8E6691.jpg
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