Migration Safari to Tanzania 2013

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185-Day Four - 5J8E7765 186-Day 4 Map 187-Crater Approach Map 188-Game Drive to Airport 15J8E7700
185-Day Four - 5J8E7765.jpg 186-Day 4 Map.jpg 187-Crater Approach Map.jpg 188-Game Drive to Airport 15J8E7700.jpg
189-Brown Snake Eagle 5J8E7710 190-Elephants 5J8E7701 191-Ostrich Love Dance 5J8E7739 192-Cape Buffalo 5J8E7754
189-Brown Snake Eagle 5J8E7710.jpg 190-Elephants 5J8E7701.jpg 191-Ostrich Love Dance 5J8E7739.jpg 192-Cape Buffalo 5J8E7754.jpg
193-Elephant 5J8E7705 194-Cape Buffalo Pair 5J8E7755 195-Intra Camp Transportation 5J8E7759 196-Flight to Lake Manyara Airstrip G11-3061
193-Elephant 5J8E7705.jpg 194-Cape Buffalo Pair 5J8E7755.jpg 195-Intra Camp Transportation 5J8E7759.jpg 196-Flight to Lake Manyara Airstrip G11-3061.jpg
197-Fellow Travelers G11-3065 198-First View of the Crater G11-3062 199-Landing at Lake Manyara Airstrip G11-3064 200-Lake Maryana Game Drive 11U5B4207
197-Fellow Travelers G11-3065.jpg 198-First View of the Crater G11-3062.jpg 199-Landing at Lake Manyara Airstrip G11-3064.jpg 200-Lake Maryana Game Drive 11U5B4207.jpg
201-5J8E7954 202-Sykes Monkey  5J8E7760 203-Silvery-cheeked Hornbill 5J8E7777 204-Olive Baboon 5J8E7767
201-5J8E7954.jpg 202-Sykes Monkey 5J8E7760.jpg 203-Silvery-cheeked Hornbill 5J8E7777.jpg 204-Olive Baboon 5J8E7767.jpg
205-Silvery-cheeked Hornbill  5J8E7788 206-Woodland Kingfisher  5J8E7828 207-Hadada Ibis  5J8E7876 208-Woodland Kingfisher  5J8E7864
205-Silvery-cheeked Hornbill 5J8E7788.jpg 206-Woodland Kingfisher 5J8E7828.jpg 207-Hadada Ibis 5J8E7876.jpg 208-Woodland Kingfisher 5J8E7864.jpg
209-Vervet Monkey  5J8E7878 210-White-backed Vultures  5J8E7889 211-Warthogs 5J8E7886 212-Marabou Stork  5J8E7905
209-Vervet Monkey 5J8E7878.jpg 210-White-backed Vultures 5J8E7889.jpg 211-Warthogs 5J8E7886.jpg 212-Marabou Stork 5J8E7905.jpg
213-White-backed Vulture  5J8E7892 214-5J8E7929 215-White-backed Vulture  5J8E7894 216-Green Bark Tree 5J8E7884
213-White-backed Vulture 5J8E7892.jpg 214-5J8E7929.jpg 215-White-backed Vulture 5J8E7894.jpg 216-Green Bark Tree 5J8E7884.jpg
217-Palm-nut Vulture  5J8E7902 218-Dry Lake Bed 5J8E7901 219-White-backed Vulture  5J8E7908 220-5J8E7912
217-Palm-nut Vulture 5J8E7902.jpg 218-Dry Lake Bed 5J8E7901.jpg 219-White-backed Vulture 5J8E7908.jpg 220-5J8E7912.jpg
221-5J8E7920 222-5J8E7923 223-5J8E7928 224-Klipspringer  5J8E7953
221-5J8E7920.jpg 222-5J8E7923.jpg 223-5J8E7928.jpg 224-Klipspringer 5J8E7953.jpg
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