Migration Safari to Tanzania 2013

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225-Day 5 Inside Ngorongoro Crater Track Map 226-Top of the Crater  G11-3090 227-Entering the Crater  G11-3099 228-Male Ostrich  5J8E7959
225-Day 5 Inside Ngorongoro Crater Track Map.jpg 226-Top of the Crater G11-3090.jpg 227-Entering the Crater G11-3099.jpg 228-Male Ostrich 5J8E7959.jpg
229-On the Crater Floor  5J8E7961 230-Black-winged Lapwing  5J8E7965 231-Impala  5J8E7970 232-Female Lion  5J8E7979
229-On the Crater Floor 5J8E7961.jpg 230-Black-winged Lapwing 5J8E7965.jpg 231-Impala 5J8E7970.jpg 232-Female Lion 5J8E7979.jpg
233-5J8E7973 234-Female Lions  5J8E8013-3 235-Lappet-faced Vulture  5J8E8040 236-GRRRRRRROWL   5J8E8075
233-5J8E7973.jpg 234-Female Lions 5J8E8013-3.jpg 235-Lappet-faced Vulture 5J8E8040.jpg 236-GRRRRRRROWL 5J8E8075.jpg
237-Male Lion  5J8E8126 238-Young Lions  5J8E8096 239-Male Lion  5J8E8151 240-Thomson's Gazelle  5J8E8281
237-Male Lion 5J8E8126.jpg 238-Young Lions 5J8E8096.jpg 239-Male Lion 5J8E8151.jpg 240-Thomson's Gazelle 5J8E8281.jpg
241-Male Lion  5J8E8161 242-Warthog  5J8E8340 243-Male Lion  5J8E8188 244-Grey Crowned Cranes & Flamingos  5J8E8385
241-Male Lion 5J8E8161.jpg 242-Warthog 5J8E8340.jpg 243-Male Lion 5J8E8188.jpg 244-Grey Crowned Cranes & Flamingos 5J8E8385.jpg
245-Grey Crowned Cranes  5J8E8423 246-Sacred Ibis  5J8E8440 247-Other Photogs  5J8E8448 248-Secretary Bird 5J8E8490
245-Grey Crowned Cranes 5J8E8423.jpg 246-Sacred Ibis 5J8E8440.jpg 247-Other Photogs 5J8E8448.jpg 248-Secretary Bird 5J8E8490.jpg
249-Thomson's Gazelle  5J8E8500 250-Cape Foxes  5J8E8510 251-Thompson's Gazelle  5J8E8503 252-White Headed Vulture  5J8E8534
249-Thomson's Gazelle 5J8E8500.jpg 250-Cape Foxes 5J8E8510.jpg 251-Thompson's Gazelle 5J8E8503.jpg 252-White Headed Vulture 5J8E8534.jpg
253-Crater Floor Landscape  11U5B4317 254-Vervet Monkey  5J8E8548 255-Crater Floor Landscape  11U5B4327 256-Vervet Monkey   5J8E8552
253-Crater Floor Landscape 11U5B4317.jpg 254-Vervet Monkey 5J8E8548.jpg 255-Crater Floor Landscape 11U5B4327.jpg 256-Vervet Monkey 5J8E8552.jpg
257-Crater Floor Landscape  11U5B4332 258-Cape Buffalos  5J8E8568 259-Hippos on the Landscape  11U5B4342 260-Zebras  5J8E8577
257-Crater Floor Landscape 11U5B4332.jpg 258-Cape Buffalos 5J8E8568.jpg 259-Hippos on the Landscape 11U5B4342.jpg 260-Zebras 5J8E8577.jpg
261-Hippos Water Hole  5J8E8593 262-Lunch Break  5J8E8600 263-Hippo  5J8E8612 264-immature  Black-chested Snake-Eagle  5J8E8618
261-Hippos Water Hole 5J8E8593.jpg 262-Lunch Break 5J8E8600.jpg 263-Hippo 5J8E8612.jpg 264-immature Black-chested Snake-Eagle 5J8E8618.jpg
264-On Safari  5J8E8602 265-Hippo  5J8E8616 266-Waterbuck  5J8E8634 267-Kori Bustard   5J8E8635
264-On Safari 5J8E8602.jpg 265-Hippo 5J8E8616.jpg 266-Waterbuck 5J8E8634.jpg 267-Kori Bustard 5J8E8635.jpg
268-Hartebeest & Friends  5J8E8707 269-Spotted Hyena  5J8E8646 270-Warthogs on the Run  5J8E8668 271-Hartebeest & Flamingos  5J8E8821
268-Hartebeest & Friends 5J8E8707.jpg 269-Spotted Hyena 5J8E8646.jpg 270-Warthogs on the Run 5J8E8668.jpg 271-Hartebeest & Flamingos 5J8E8821.jpg
272-African Palm Swift  5J8E8682 273-Ostrich  5J8E8696    
272-African Palm Swift 5J8E8682.jpg 273-Ostrich 5J8E8696.jpg
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