Migration Safari to Tanzania 2013

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407-Wildebeast  6J8E0076 408-Morning Game Track -1 409-Afternoon Game Track -2 410-Agama Lizard  6J8E0065
407-Wildebeast 6J8E0076.jpg 408-Morning Game Track -1.jpg 409-Afternoon Game Track -2.jpg 410-Agama Lizard 6J8E0065.jpg
411-Wharthog Eating Grass  6J8E0068 412-Wildebeast  6J8E0072 413-Steenbok  6J8E0088 414-Rock hyrax  6J8E0079
411-Wharthog Eating Grass 6J8E0068.jpg 412-Wildebeast 6J8E0072.jpg 413-Steenbok 6J8E0088.jpg 414-Rock hyrax 6J8E0079.jpg
415-Wildebeast Migration  6J8E0077 416-Klipspringer  6J8E0084 417-Lion 6J8E0092 418-Leropard Parking Lot  G11-9938
415-Wildebeast Migration 6J8E0077.jpg 416-Klipspringer 6J8E0084.jpg 417-Lion 6J8E0092.jpg 418-Leropard Parking Lot G11-9938.jpg
419-Leopard  6J8E0113 420-Agama Lizard  6J8E0124 421-Leopard  6J8E0132 422-African Landscape  6J8E0235
419-Leopard 6J8E0113.jpg 420-Agama Lizard 6J8E0124.jpg 421-Leopard 6J8E0132.jpg 422-African Landscape 6J8E0235.jpg
423-Leopard  6J8E0231 424-Olakira Camp  G11-9942 425-Rueppells Glossy Starling  6J8E0237 426-Olakira Camp  G11-9944
423-Leopard 6J8E0231.jpg 424-Olakira Camp G11-9942.jpg 425-Rueppells Glossy Starling 6J8E0237.jpg 426-Olakira Camp G11-9944.jpg
427-African Landscape  6J8E0262 428-New Arrivals  G11-9945 429-African Sunset  6J8E0298 430-African Sunset  6J8E0272
427-African Landscape 6J8E0262.jpg 428-New Arrivals G11-9945.jpg 429-African Sunset 6J8E0298.jpg 430-African Sunset 6J8E0272.jpg
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