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Adventure Tour 2014

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071-Start Day 3 -70D2-2857 072-Day 3 Track Log B 073-Camp Gate with Open Close Times 70D2-0674 074-Okaukuejo Camp Tower 70D2-0677
071-Start Day 3 -70D2-2857.jpg 072-Day 3 Track Log B.jpg 073-Camp Gate with Open Close Times 70D2-0674.jpg 074-Okaukuejo Camp Tower 70D2-0677.jpg
075-Spotted Hyena 7J8E1125 076-Springboks 7J8E1136 077-Northern Black Korhaan  7J8E1155 078-Spotted Hyena 7J8E1147
075-Spotted Hyena 7J8E1125.jpg 076-Springboks 7J8E1136.jpg 077-Northern Black Korhaan 7J8E1155.jpg 078-Spotted Hyena 7J8E1147.jpg
079-Water Hole 70D2-2685 080-Red Hartebeest  7J8E1177 081-Edge of the Etosha Pan 70D2-2691 082-Namaqua Sandgrouse  7J8E1175
079-Water Hole 70D2-2685.jpg 080-Red Hartebeest 7J8E1177.jpg 081-Edge of the Etosha Pan 70D2-2691.jpg 082-Namaqua Sandgrouse 7J8E1175.jpg
083-Landscape 70D2-2716 084-Springboks at a Water Hole 70D2-2748 085-Edge of the Etosha Pan 70D2-2699 086-Wildebeest  7J8E1191
083-Landscape 70D2-2716.jpg 084-Springboks at a Water Hole 70D2-2748.jpg 085-Edge of the Etosha Pan 70D2-2699.jpg 086-Wildebeest 7J8E1191.jpg
087-Acacia Tree 70D2-2738 088-Etosha Pan 70D2-2726 089-Wildebeests 70D2-2744 090-Etosha Pan 70D2-2727
087-Acacia Tree 70D2-2738.jpg 088-Etosha Pan 70D2-2726.jpg 089-Wildebeests 70D2-2744.jpg 090-Etosha Pan 70D2-2727.jpg
091-Zebras with Springboks  7J8E1202 092-Springboks 70D2-2746 093-Blacksmith Lapwing 7J8E1193 094-Zebras 70D2-2754
091-Zebras with Springboks 7J8E1202.jpg 092-Springboks 70D2-2746.jpg 093-Blacksmith Lapwing 7J8E1193.jpg 094-Zebras 70D2-2754.jpg
095-Pied Crow 70D2-2759 096-Black-headed Heron 70D2-2763 097-Blackfaced Impala  70D2-2803 098-Praying Mantis 70D2-0690
095-Pied Crow 70D2-2759.jpg 096-Black-headed Heron 70D2-2763.jpg 097-Blackfaced Impala 70D2-2803.jpg 098-Praying Mantis 70D2-0690.jpg
099-Lilac-breasted Roller 70D2-2779 100-Blackfaced Impala  70D2-2807 101-Fork-Tailed Drongo  70D2-2819 102-Road Traffic  7J8E1209
099-Lilac-breasted Roller 70D2-2779.jpg 100-Blackfaced Impala 70D2-2807.jpg 101-Fork-Tailed Drongo 70D2-2819.jpg 102-Road Traffic 7J8E1209.jpg
103-Jumping Impala  7J8E1205 104-Burchells Starling 70D2-2831 105-Elephants 70D2-2858 106-Giraffe 70D2-2849
103-Jumping Impala 7J8E1205.jpg 104-Burchells Starling 70D2-2831.jpg 105-Elephants 70D2-2858.jpg 106-Giraffe 70D2-2849.jpg
107-Elephants 70D2-2860 108-Kudu  70D2-2883 109-Honey Badger 70D2-2896 110-Kori Bustard 70D2-2876
107-Elephants 70D2-2860.jpg 108-Kudu 70D2-2883.jpg 109-Honey Badger 70D2-2896.jpg 110-Kori Bustard 70D2-2876.jpg
111-Elephants 70D2-2862 112-Honey Badger Returning from 711  70D2-2897 113-Kudus  70D2-2880 114-Out at Sunrise Back at Dusk 70D2-2901
111-Elephants 70D2-2862.jpg 112-Honey Badger Returning from 711 70D2-2897.jpg 113-Kudus 70D2-2880.jpg 114-Out at Sunrise Back at Dusk 70D2-2901.jpg
115-Rhino at Camp Water Hole 70D2-2907 116-Honey Badger Selling Sandwitches 70D2-2898 117-Day 3 End-70D2-0672  
115-Rhino at Camp Water Hole 70D2-2907.jpg 116-Honey Badger Selling Sandwitches 70D2-2898.jpg 117-Day 3 End-70D2-0672.jpg
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