Namibia Photographic Adventure Tour 2014

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154-Start Day 5 70D2-3405 155-Day 5 Track 156-Sunrise at Halali Camp  7J8E1351 157-Halali Camp Gate  7J8E1623
154-Start Day 5 70D2-3405.jpg 155-Day 5 Track.jpg 156-Sunrise at Halali Camp 7J8E1351.jpg 157-Halali Camp Gate 7J8E1623.jpg
158-Kudu  70D2-3246 159-Lilac-breasted Roller  70D2-3282 160-Black-faced Impalas  70D2-3283 161-Ostrich  70D2-3287
158-Kudu 70D2-3246.jpg 159-Lilac-breasted Roller 70D2-3282.jpg 160-Black-faced Impalas 70D2-3283.jpg 161-Ostrich 70D2-3287.jpg
162-Red-billed Teal  70D2-3295 163-70D2-3302 164-Park Road Sign  70D2-3318 165-Red Hartebeest  70D2-3310
162-Red-billed Teal 70D2-3295.jpg 163-70D2-3302.jpg 164-Park Road Sign 70D2-3318.jpg 165-Red Hartebeest 70D2-3310.jpg
166-Weavers Nest  70D2-3322 167-Kalahari Springbok  70D2-3321 168-Fork-tailed Drongo  70D2-3366 169-Black-faced Impala  70D2-3332
166-Weavers Nest 70D2-3322.jpg 167-Kalahari Springbok 70D2-3321.jpg 168-Fork-tailed Drongo 70D2-3366.jpg 169-Black-faced Impala 70D2-3332.jpg
170-African Pied Wagtail  70D2-3372 171-70D2-3379 172-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills  70D2-3405 173-70D2-3376
170-African Pied Wagtail 70D2-3372.jpg 171-70D2-3379.jpg 172-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills 70D2-3405.jpg 173-70D2-3376.jpg
174-Giraffes  70D2-3386 175-Black-faced Impala  70D2-3396 176-Cat Tracks in the Sand  7J8E1438 177-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill  70D2-3401
174-Giraffes 70D2-3386.jpg 175-Black-faced Impala 70D2-3396.jpg 176-Cat Tracks in the Sand 7J8E1438.jpg 177-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill 70D2-3401.jpg
178-Giraffes  70D2-3387 179-Burchells Starling  70D2-3492 180-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill  70D2-3407 181-Striped Groung Squirrel  70D2-3517
178-Giraffes 70D2-3387.jpg 179-Burchells Starling 70D2-3492.jpg 180-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill 70D2-3407.jpg 181-Striped Groung Squirrel 70D2-3517.jpg
182-Termite Mound  7J8E1477 183-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill  70D2-3408 184-African Bug  70D2-3511 185-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill  70D2-3444
182-Termite Mound 7J8E1477.jpg 183-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill 70D2-3408.jpg 184-African Bug 70D2-3511.jpg 185-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill 70D2-3444.jpg
186-Lilac-breasted Roller  70D2-3483 187-Park Road Sign  70D2-3520 188-Acacia Tree  70D2-3527 189-Saddle-billed Stork  70D2-3529
186-Lilac-breasted Roller 70D2-3483.jpg 187-Park Road Sign 70D2-3520.jpg 188-Acacia Tree 70D2-3527.jpg 189-Saddle-billed Stork 70D2-3529.jpg
190-Black Rhinos  70D2-3539 191-Who Dat  70D2-3415 192-Termite Mound  7J8E1487 193-Heading Back to Camp 7J8E1547
190-Black Rhinos 70D2-3539.jpg 191-Who Dat 70D2-3415.jpg 192-Termite Mound 7J8E1487.jpg 193-Heading Back to Camp 7J8E1547.jpg
194-End of Day 5 -7J8E1234      
194-End of Day 5 -7J8E1234.jpg
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