Namibia Photographic Adventure Tour 2014

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195-Start of Day 6 70D2-3653 196-Day 6 Track 197-Sunrise on Day 6  7J8E1361 198-Surrounding a Water Hole  70D2-3545
195-Start of Day 6 70D2-3653.jpg 196-Day 6 Track.jpg 197-Sunrise on Day 6 7J8E1361.jpg 198-Surrounding a Water Hole 70D2-3545.jpg
199-Impalas and Zebras Grazing  70D2-3548 200-Blacksmith Lapwing  70D2-3553 201-Kori Bustards  70D2-3567 202-Black-faced Impala  70D2-3581
199-Impalas and Zebras Grazing 70D2-3548.jpg 200-Blacksmith Lapwing 70D2-3553.jpg 201-Kori Bustards 70D2-3567.jpg 202-Black-faced Impala 70D2-3581.jpg
203-Kori Bustard in Flight  70D2-3577 204-Red-billed Teal and Red-eyed Dove  70D2-3596 205-Spotted Hyena  70D2-3610 206-Wharthog  70D2-3599
203-Kori Bustard in Flight 70D2-3577.jpg 204-Red-billed Teal and Red-eyed Dove 70D2-3596.jpg 205-Spotted Hyena 70D2-3610.jpg 206-Wharthog 70D2-3599.jpg
207-Black-faced Impalas  70D2-3620 208-Spotted Hyena  70D2-3613 209-Male Lion  70D2-3648 210-Pied Acocet  70D2-3688
207-Black-faced Impalas 70D2-3620.jpg 208-Spotted Hyena 70D2-3613.jpg 209-Male Lion 70D2-3648.jpg 210-Pied Acocet 70D2-3688.jpg
211-Spotted Hyena  70D2-3614 212-Three-banded Plover  70D2-3692 213-Male Lion  70D2-3670 214-Giraffe Grazing on the Pan  70D2-3696
211-Spotted Hyena 70D2-3614.jpg 212-Three-banded Plover 70D2-3692.jpg 213-Male Lion 70D2-3670.jpg 214-Giraffe Grazing on the Pan 70D2-3696.jpg
215-Giraffes on the Pan  70D2-3701 216-Male Lion  70D2-3681 217-Flamingos  70D2-3703 218-Giraffes  70D2-3704
215-Giraffes on the Pan 70D2-3701.jpg 216-Male Lion 70D2-3681.jpg 217-Flamingos 70D2-3703.jpg 218-Giraffes 70D2-3704.jpg
219-Juvenile Lilac-breasted Roller  70D2-3712 220-Kudu  70D2-3710 221-Flamingos  70D2-3708 222-Grey Go-away-bird  70D2-3724
219-Juvenile Lilac-breasted Roller 70D2-3712.jpg 220-Kudu 70D2-3710.jpg 221-Flamingos 70D2-3708.jpg 222-Grey Go-away-bird 70D2-3724.jpg
223-Giraffe  70D2-3750 224-Bateleur Eagle  70D2-3753 225-Grey Go-away-bird  70D2-3749 226-Elephants  70D2-3767
223-Giraffe 70D2-3750.jpg 224-Bateleur Eagle 70D2-3753.jpg 225-Grey Go-away-bird 70D2-3749.jpg 226-Elephants 70D2-3767.jpg
227-Wahlbergs Eagle  70D2-3789 228-Elephant  70D2-3777 229-Black-faced Impala  70D2-3800 230-Wahlbergs Eagle  70D2-3794
227-Wahlbergs Eagle 70D2-3789.jpg 228-Elephant 70D2-3777.jpg 229-Black-faced Impala 70D2-3800.jpg 230-Wahlbergs Eagle 70D2-3794.jpg
231-Elephant   70D2-3778 232-Black-backed Jackal  70D2-3802 233-Helmeted Guineafowl  70D2-3805 234-Kirks Dik-dik  70D2-3823
231-Elephant 70D2-3778.jpg 232-Black-backed Jackal 70D2-3802.jpg 233-Helmeted Guineafowl 70D2-3805.jpg 234-Kirks Dik-dik 70D2-3823.jpg
235-Chudob Water Hole  7J8E1811 236-Namutoni Camp  7J8E1814 237-Bateleur Eagle and Zebra  7J8E1817 238-Bateleur Eagle  7J8E1826
235-Chudob Water Hole 7J8E1811.jpg 236-Namutoni Camp 7J8E1814.jpg 237-Bateleur Eagle and Zebra 7J8E1817.jpg 238-Bateleur Eagle 7J8E1826.jpg
239-Zebras  7J8E1853 240-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill  7J8E1864 241-Park Road Sign  7J8E1813 242-7J8E1865
239-Zebras 7J8E1853.jpg 240-Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill 7J8E1864.jpg 241-Park Road Sign 7J8E1813.jpg 242-7J8E1865.jpg
243-Road Hazard  7J8E1868 244-Flamingos  7J8E1877 245-Pied Avocet  7J8E1894 246-Flamingos  7J8E1875
243-Road Hazard 7J8E1868.jpg 244-Flamingos 7J8E1877.jpg 245-Pied Avocet 7J8E1894.jpg 246-Flamingos 7J8E1875.jpg
247-Red-billed Teal  7J8E1883 248-Giraffes  7J8E1913 249-Long-tailed Paradise Whydah  7J8E1914 250-Black-faced Impalas  7J8E1920
247-Red-billed Teal 7J8E1883.jpg 248-Giraffes 7J8E1913.jpg 249-Long-tailed Paradise Whydah 7J8E1914.jpg 250-Black-faced Impalas 7J8E1920.jpg
251-Back to Namutoni Camp  7J8E1581 252-End of Day 6  7J8E1616    
251-Back to Namutoni Camp 7J8E1581.jpg 252-End of Day 6 7J8E1616.jpg
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