Namibia Photographic Adventure Tour 2014
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465-Start Day 11-70D2-5409 466-Day 11 Track  Log 467-Male and Female Lions  70D2-5137 468-Social Weavers  70D2-5269
465-Start Day 11-70D2-5409.jpg 466-Day 11 Track Log.jpg 467-Male and Female Lions 70D2-5137.jpg 468-Social Weavers 70D2-5269.jpg
469-Male and Female Lions  70D2-5144 470-Social Weaver  70D2-5282 471-Male and Female Lions  70D2-5175 472-South End of a Rhino Going North  7J8E2488
469-Male and Female Lions 70D2-5144.jpg 470-Social Weaver 70D2-5282.jpg 471-Male and Female Lions 70D2-5175.jpg 472-South End of a Rhino Going North 7J8E2488.jpg
473-Male Lion  70D2-5187 474-Gemsbok  70D2-5260 475-Male Lion  70D2-5200 476-Wahlbergs Eagle  70D2-5307
473-Male Lion 70D2-5187.jpg 474-Gemsbok 70D2-5260.jpg 475-Male Lion 70D2-5200.jpg 476-Wahlbergs Eagle 70D2-5307.jpg
477-Male Lion  70D2-5215 478-Burchells Sandgrouse  70D2-5315 479-Come Scratch My Back  70D2-5227 480-Pied Crow  70D2-5317
477-Male Lion 70D2-5215.jpg 478-Burchells Sandgrouse 70D2-5315.jpg 479-Come Scratch My Back 70D2-5227.jpg 480-Pied Crow 70D2-5317.jpg
481-Male Lion  70D2-5231 482-Wildebeests  70D2-5336 483-Male Lion  70D2-5251 484-Burchells Sandgrouse  70D2-5337
481-Male Lion 70D2-5231.jpg 482-Wildebeests 70D2-5336.jpg 483-Male Lion 70D2-5251.jpg 484-Burchells Sandgrouse 70D2-5337.jpg
485-Wildebeest chasing a Jackal  70D2-5359 486-Namaqua Dove  70D2-5347 487-Wildebeest chasing a Jackal 70D2-5360 488-Injured Thompsons Gazelle  70D2-5373
485-Wildebeest chasing a Jackal 70D2-5359.jpg 486-Namaqua Dove 70D2-5347.jpg 487-Wildebeest chasing a Jackal 70D2-5360.jpg 488-Injured Thompsons Gazelle 70D2-5373.jpg
489-Black-backed Jackle  70D2-5382 490-Water Hole Panorama  7J8E2490 491-Black-backed Jackle 70D2-5392 492-Water Hole Panorama 7J8E2493
489-Black-backed Jackle 70D2-5382.jpg 490-Water Hole Panorama 7J8E2490.jpg 491-Black-backed Jackle 70D2-5392.jpg 492-Water Hole Panorama 7J8E2493.jpg
493-Black-backed Jackle 70D2-5401 494-Water Hole Panorama 7J8E2496 495-Water Hole Panorama 70D2-5409 496-Water Hole Panorama 7J8E2499
493-Black-backed Jackle 70D2-5401.jpg 494-Water Hole Panorama 7J8E2496.jpg 495-Water Hole Panorama 70D2-5409.jpg 496-Water Hole Panorama 7J8E2499.jpg
497-Ostrich  70D2-5424 498-Red Hartebeest  70D2-5434 499-Shaft-tailed Whydah and Friends  70D2-5438 500-Ostrich  70D2-5452
497-Ostrich 70D2-5424.jpg 498-Red Hartebeest 70D2-5434.jpg 499-Shaft-tailed Whydah and Friends 70D2-5438.jpg 500-Ostrich 70D2-5452.jpg
501-Bateleur  70D2-5489 502-Warthog and Black-headed Heron  70D2-5511 503-Ostriches  70D2-5509 504-Park Landscape  7J8E2506
501-Bateleur 70D2-5489.jpg 502-Warthog and Black-headed Heron 70D2-5511.jpg 503-Ostriches 70D2-5509.jpg 504-Park Landscape 7J8E2506.jpg
505-Social Weaver  70D2-5541 506-Striped Ground Squirrel  70D2-5558 507-2 Male 1 Female Lions  7J8E2510 508-Black-backed Jackal  70D2-5572
505-Social Weaver 70D2-5541.jpg 506-Striped Ground Squirrel 70D2-5558.jpg 507-2 Male 1 Female Lions 7J8E2510.jpg 508-Black-backed Jackal 70D2-5572.jpg
509-2 Male 1 Female Lions  7J8E2514 510-Martial Eagle  70D2-5611 511-2 Male 1 Female Lions  70D2-5582 512-Conference Call 7J8E2519
509-2 Male 1 Female Lions 7J8E2514.jpg 510-Martial Eagle 70D2-5611.jpg 511-2 Male 1 Female Lions 70D2-5582.jpg 512-Conference Call 7J8E2519.jpg
513-Gemsbok  70D2-5629 514-2 Lions 70D2-5616 515-I dont see anything  7J8E2554 516-Elephant  70D2-5632
513-Gemsbok 70D2-5629.jpg 514-2 Lions 70D2-5616.jpg 515-I dont see anything 7J8E2554.jpg 516-Elephant 70D2-5632.jpg
517-Kori Bustard  70D2-5661 518-Elephant  70D2-5650 519-Juvenile Zebra  70D2-5675 520-End of Day 11  7J8E2637
517-Kori Bustard 70D2-5661.jpg 518-Elephant 70D2-5650.jpg 519-Juvenile Zebra 70D2-5675.jpg 520-End of Day 11 7J8E2637.jpg
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